New SMARTEES Video: Regenerating City Districts with Inhabitants in Malmö, Sweden

14 April 2020

New SMARTEES Video: Regenerating City Districts with Inhabitants in Malmö, Sweden

A new video launched in the SMARTEES series highlights the exemplary approach of Malmö (Sweden) in district regeneration. In a matter of only few decades, the city reinvented itself from a struggling post-industrial municipality to an eco-friendly, multi-cultural and knowledge-based city. Such a transition was possible through engaging citizens and seeing the community as a resource for ideas.

The video was shot during the study visit of SMARTEES follower cities Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Cambridge (United Kingdom), Essen (Germany), Lille (France) and Jelgava (Latvia) to Malmö in June 2019. Watch the video to explore Malmö’s approach and key take-aways from the visit.

The participants explored Malmö’s district regeneration programme outcomes in the neighborhoods of Augustenborg and Lindängen in situ. Jo Dicks, Environmental Quality & Growth Manager at City of Cambridge, found Malmö’s approach allowing the residents to take a leading role in the planning, design and implementation of the regeneration project inspiring: “I think  the most impressive thing is the actual level of engagement of the “client”, if you like, of the people living in these areas, the people that are living in this housing, I think this is something I have not seen anywhere else.” 

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