Fighting fuel poverty in Aberdeen - new video

20 April 2020

Fighting fuel poverty in Aberdeen - new video

Aberdeen is making strides in fighting fuel poverty through energy efficiency, with a holistic approach encompassing both structural changes and a local grassroots approach. A new video launched in the SMARTEES series, shot during a visit in January 2019 by Lahti (Finland) and Timișoara (Romania), highlights Aberdeen’s approach.

During the visit the participants explored the Torry neighbourhood, an area of Aberdeen especially hard-hit by fuel poverty. To address the issue Aberdeen Heat and Power has worked closely together with a local community centre, to conduct house visits to offer affordable insulation. Eira Rosberg, Sustainable Development Coordinator from Lahti was inspired by the hands-on approach: “The most inspiring was the energy advisor that can come to your home … because they can help a person for example to get the best electricity tariff and other energy issues as insulation matters and room temperature.” Participants also visited the Tillydrone Energy Centre, which houses a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant that connects 80 percent of apartments in seven multistory buildings. During an exploration of the Seaton Energy Centre, participants were able to see another CHP plant supplying 14 multistory blocks, an Aquatics Centre and a range of public buildings - with further storage capacity for periods of peak demand.

Read more about the SMARTEES fighting energy poverty through energy efficiency cluster here.



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