Webinar ‘Thinking ahead in local policies for successful energy and mobility transitions’ coming up June 3rd!

11 May 2020

Webinar ‘Thinking ahead in local policies for successful energy and mobility transitions’ coming up June 3rd!

After COVID-19 related postponements, we are back with a new date and new interactive panel! The second SMARTEES webinar will cover key patterns of successful policies in energy and mobility transitions, illustrated by the city of Groningen. 

This webinar is of interest for local authorities and as well as for researchers, entrepreneurs and people interested in social innovation and energy/mobility transition.

This event will feature three panelists:

  • Giuseppe Pellegrini Masini (Postdoc Researcher, NTNU, Norway) will provide nine recommendations on how to make socially innovative and successful policies.
  • Terry Albronda (Mobility Policy Developer, Municipality of Groningen, the Netherlands) will share his practical experience on institutionalizing local social innovation in mobility transitions in the city of Groningen.
  • Frances Sprei (Associate Professor, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden) will discuss the topic from wider perspective and provide insights for local policy design.


The interactive webinar, allows participants to further discuss and ask experts questions between each presentation. We are looking forward to delving into policy planning for a better future with you!

                                     ‘Thinking ahead in local policies for successful energy and mobility transitions’
                                                                                            Wednesday 3rd of June 2020
                                                                                                        11am-12pm CET

                                                                                                       REGISTER HERE


More about the speakers:

Dr. Giuseppe Pellegrini Masini (Postdoc researcher, NTNU, Norway)

Giuseppe is an environmental social scientist working on the H2020 SMARTEES research project, which studies through a multimethod approach, the drivers and barriers affecting the development of energy social innovations involving renewables, sustainable transportation and energy efficiency in buildings. His specific focus is on energy equality, energy justice and energy efficiency in urban areas.


Terry Albronda (City of Groningen, The Netherlands)

Terry works as a Policy Developer for Smart Mobility at the Municipality of Groningen. The city has transitioned successfully from a car-city to a bicycle-city where 60% of all individual transport is made by bicycle. Terry is working on connecting users and mobility systems, through creating innovative and environmentally friendly solutions.


Dr. Frances Sprei (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden)

Frances works as a professor at the Department of Space, Earth and Environment. Her research assesses different personal mobility options, such as alternative fuel vehicles and electric vehicles, as well as innovative mobility forms, such as car sharing. She has been the co-chair of the Behavior Energy and Climate Change conference and received in 2010 the Jan-Eric Sundgren Award.

Watch the first SMARTEES webinar ‘How to empower citizens to become local heroeshere.



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